In today's world, losing phones and internet at your business is no different than losing power at your house.  Initially it seems neat and you light candles, find a flashlight, and laugh about it.  However, once reality sets in and the outage persists, you realize your milk is getting warm and your ground beef is defrosting.

redundant internet solution

Nobody likes wasting food due to not having the power to keep a refrigerator cold.  Yet traditionally once we realize we are not the power company, and we have no control, our sense of vulnerability sets in.  So why do we never consider preventing this type of loss simply by installing a generator until it's too late and we are in the midst of the storm?

virtual cloud benefits

We can install the efficient "telecommunication generators" needed to run your business even when the things that are out of your control, break.  Due to the fact that we are also a small business, we recognize that these type of solutions need to be both proactive and efficient.  Let us show you how we practice redundancy with technology that keeps both your phone calls coming in, and your web applications loading, even when the refrigerator can't stay cold and the network fails.