One Comm offers a variety of virtual enviroment solutions to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.  Utilizing an exclusive partnership with VMware, we deliver, support, and maintain virtual application enviroments wherever your business demands.  Local or Global, Public or Private, One Comm has solutions that are both efficient and robust.   

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It has been our mission since day one to deliver a clear path to the cloud for all businesses.  We realized early on that while many large enterprises embrace virtualization for its numureous benefits, most small and medium businesses didn't utilize the same benefits because they neither had the knowledge or the ability.  Insert One Comm.

the cloud?

A good way to understand ‘the Cloud’ is to go back in time. Back when things we read or experienced were more physical.  Today we collectively call it data, but just over a decade or so ago, we called this ‘data’ by terms like pictures, cassette tapes, and file folders.  We then stored or experienced this ‘data’on a physical piece of hardware, like a photo album, cassette player, or a filing cabinet.

cassette tape, old data

Today, we live in a world where we experience content or 'data' much differently.   A world where we tap a home or an ON button and things appear on demand.  We no longer rely on consoles, players, and cabinets to experience or store our data.  Our data now for the most part resides not on the device that's in our hand, but a much larger, more robust device in a safe secure data center.  This type of storage and utilization is much more efficient, reliable, and accessible from wherever we are located.


All of this shared resource storage and computing is made possible by a "foundation software" called VMware.  Several components go into a virtual enviroment




 – allows the user to pay for only the compute resources that they need. As their usage goes up so does their cost.

Resource abstraction and pooling

 – In a cloud environment all customers share compute capacity, but are unaware of this arrangement as it is abstracted away by the hypervisor. They just know that they get capacity when they need it.

Network centric

 – Cloud services sit in a data center and are accessed via the network.

Simple, fast provisioning of resources

 – It becomes possible to very quickly turn-up new applications in this environment.

Rapidly and elastically provisioned resources

 – allows applications to dynamically acquire more compute resources as their circumstances dictate. This is one of the most compelling features of a public cloud, as it allows applications to easily deal with sudden bursts of traffic without always having to plan resources for maximum load.